About Community Volunteers Report

Volunteers receive more than they give

Volunteers are our modern day heroes!

Community Volunteers Report aims to

promote awareness and recognition of

Australia's volunteers and volunteer organizations

To function our community has to have volunteers; without them meals on wheels, school programs and political activity to name a few would virtually stop. Community Volunteers Report magazine was created for two reasons: Firstly to recognize the great volunteer organisations and secondly to highlight the need for more volunteers. Everyone has a desire to assist others; we hope that one or more of our articles will peak your interest and you to will also become a volunteer.

The report is a yearly, full colour, emagazine, which can be reprinted on demand and passed on to other interested parties with the aim of informing readers through entertaining articles.

Previous editions have covered topics such as:

  • Finding the right volunteer opportunity for you
  • International Volunteer Day
  • Kids volunteering
    • Greenpeace
    • Neighbourhood Watch
    • The SES
      • Australian Army Cadets
      • Guide Dogs
      • Volunteering as a gateway to employment
      • Volunteering in sport
  • The benefits of Foodbanks
  • Volunteering at Christmas
  • ..... just to name a few!

Previous Editions

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